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It was on the 5th day of Jumada II, 1412 of hijri calender, when Al-Sultan Co. for stainless steel and wrought iron was established in Riyadh which primary aim is to contribute to the nation building by manufacturing all types of stainless Steel and wrought Iron works like doors, windows, gates, fences, hangers, handrails, canopies and other steel structures.

Modern innovations contributed by our highly experienced engineers coupled by professionalism and technical qualifications of our skilled workers, further enhanced the portfolio of high quality products and services in the market.

These versatile qualities were the key to the success of the company, as proven by the expansion of a total of nine branches in different cities and regions and will countinue to expand to ensure the satisfaction of every client kingdom wide.

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The scope of works includes fabrication and supply of miscellaneous metal works e.g steel ladders, handrails and balusters, metal trench covers, gratings, roof hatch, steel grills and bars, pipe bollards, guardrails with balustrades, complete with all other materials, finishing and all necessary fixing accessories for complete installation, manpower and engineering to inspect, test, commission and remedy any defects and provide whatever may require by this trade.

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